I am an ADEM Delegate

I believe California should be a bastion for progressive politics—and we should push CADEM to be a role model for the country with an aggressive and aspirational platform.

Each assembly district elects 14 people to represent them to the California Democratic Party which consists of almost 3000 members, 1/3 appointed by state officials, 1/3 by local county Dem party officials, and 1/3 are elected by the people. This last third are the folks who represent YOU to the state party. 

California guides the nation on platform and policy and I (and the 13 other progressives on my slate) intend to push hard to make CADEM a model for the country.

My platform: I believe

Healthcare is a right and, as the 5th largest economy in the world, we should make single payer healthcare a reality and end our dependence on for-profit health insurance.

Our education system needs to reflect 21st century needs with tuition-free P through 16 schooling. And we must reject criminalization of students of color, providing equity of opportunity to all students.

Climate change is a real and present danger: we need to make massive infrastructure shifts toward clean energy expanding solar, wind, and other sources while upgrading our power grids from the 19th century model while minimizing our dependence on oil, coal, and nuclear.

We need to fight for racial justice, equity, and equality, including dramatic changes in our criminal justice system and creating consistent, countrywide, law enforcement reform. Black lives must matter.

We need to protect women’s rights, demand equal pay, and write choice into law rather than relying on our courts for protection. Let’s revitalize the ERA.

Let’s address immigration reform, protecting DREAMers, creating a structure for a migrant workforce, and making a path towards citizenship for over 11 million Americans.

We need a new voting rights act, expanding, not reversing, the voter protections fought for in the civil rights movement, ensuring that every American has access to the polls for fair and democratic elections.

And we need to get money out of politics. Our politicians should answer to their constituents, not large corporate donors. We must push for public financing of elections for shorter campaigns so our legislators can legislate and not spend all their time fundraising. This also will increase access for people from under-represented groups to run for office creating a political class that looks like our populace.

I am a member of the CA39 Action Council and trained canvassers for Swing Left and Gil Cisneros. I maintain the SwingSoCalLeft.org Calendar for CA39, and am a member of the Sea Change planning committee. I’m also an active volunteer in LAUSD public schools and have served on school site councils.

Our Platform

Our Slate

You will be able to vote for 14 people, 7 self-identified women and 7-self identified men or “other” identification.

A candidate running alone has little chance of winning in this election–that’s why people run in slates, asking their supporters to vote them AND for the entire slate. The people on my slate are progressives that I can vouch for–my slate is called “Forward 54th.” There is at least one other slate running, which is more conservative.

Candidates are NOT identified by slate on the ballot–you’ll need to refer to the “Forward 54th” list.

You can download our flier here.